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I'm a Wildlife Photographer and Zoologist with a love for adventures that bring me closer to animals and nature all around the world.

Thanks to my background in Zoology I have gone on many amazing adventures that have allowed me to photograph the animals that I love the most. My main goal is to bring wildlife into the hearts of people, and aim to use my education to spread awareness of the importance of conservation and research.  


When you meet me, you will notice I have a British accent even though I'm 100% Swedish. My parents met in the UK, both originally from Sweden. I was born in 1994 and then lived in the UK until I was 7. 

We then moved back to Sweden and I lived there until I was 19 in 2014. In 2014 I moved back to the UK to study Zoology and stayed there until I finished my Masters and then got a job in Zimbabwe in 2019.

Long story short, I am now living in Victoria Falls, mixing up my passion for all kinds of photography, wildlife conservation and human-wildlife conflict work, and couldn't be happier! I absolutely love meeting new people in this country, some say I am more Zimbo than most Zimbos because of my expertise in all the local places and deals!





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