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On the hunt to photograph foxes in Stockholm, Sweden!

Whilst back in Sweden, I have been thinking a lot about how I can go and photograph wildlife around where I live. In Sweden we have some fantastic animals such as foxes, moose, bears, wolves, wolverines and eurasian lynx.

To start easy I have been thinking a lot about foxes. I have seen many around the area where I live. We even have one that quite regularly visits our back yard. However, when I have tried photographing him, he always runs off.

The other day, I was cycling home around 21.40 and all of a sudden I saw this tiny little creature sitting on the sidewalk. I thought it was a kitten but when I looked closely, it was a baby fox! The fox ran off under a barn and when I looked around the barn I could see the mother fox with even more babies!

Naturally, I thought that I have to find a way to photograph them. So, within the next few days, I got up at 03:45 to go and lay in the grass close to where I belived the den was. It turns out it was not that easy and the foxes are very clever. I only got these two shots of the mother on the first two days...

On the third morning I thought I'd change my tactic and decided to take a more "Safari" like approach and stake out in the car.

I parked the car opposite the road to where I had seen them and sat and waited to see where they were coming out from. Once I could see more clearly where they were, I moved the car so that I would not be in their way, but I would still have a good clear range to photograph them.

Within short, the bravest baby fox came out and started exploring. It was running around and I got some fantastic shots of it!

Shortly after that, the father fox came back from his hunt and walked around for a while. I didn't manage to get any great shots of him though.

To my surprise I even had a visit from a lovely hare.

My next challenge will be going out to get some more shots of the foxes, and then to find some other Scandinavian animals!

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Surprisingly I saw a fox in Djursholmstorg last week! It was almost 1AM, and it was crossing the street diagonally outside of COOP! What a surprise! :)

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